OS and Programs on different disks, How to setup to restore

I can understand the benefits of having the OS on C: and programs elsewhere, D: for example.

One reason for doing this is the supposed claim for easy system restoration if there is a problem with C:.

In practice, it doesn't seem to work so easily.

Many searches indicate that the installed programs are "lost", even when they are not on the C: drive- links and DLL files are lost, so the program associations no longer exist with the reloaded OS. An "in place upgrade" seemed to work OK, but I did lose my Libraries.

Is there a way to set up an OS on the C: drive and install programs on another drive and recover the system without reloading everything?

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  1. I think it may be your understanding of the recovery that's a bit lacking.

    If you create a backup image of the system drive, it will contain all the required support files and registry entries for any apps that are installed on another drive at that point in time.

    Now, if you install some other apps, they will of course not be included in your backup image, so when you perform a recovery, those latest apps will be missing.

    Besides, if you have two separate hard drives which are inter-related owing to the software you've installed, it's best practice to include both drives in your backup.
  2. I think it may be your understanding of the recovery that's a bit lacking.

    No argument here.

    What is the best way to make the image (s) of a system with stuff on more than 1 hdd so it can be restored? Ideally, I'd want to be able to recover or replace each hdd independently.

    I would assume that the hdd images should be stored on a separate media.

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