Looking To upgrade to gtx 750 on 300w psu.

The pc im currently using is some hp thing my dad bought awhile ago. Its specs are amd a8 5500 cpu, gt 620 gpu 300w psu and 8 gigs of ram. I was looking to upgrade to a gtx 750 as some sources say that gtx 750s can run on 300w psu while other say the opposite. So before I buy i would like someone to inform on wether this is a worth while endeavor, i know its sort of like polishing a turd, but im reaaaaally tight on cash. Oh and my psu specs are listed as being
300w Nominal input voltage range: 200-240V/3A (50-60Hz).
Any help greatly appreciated. (this upgrade is for gaming purposes.)
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  1. If you could get a model that would help more. It's more about the rails than the watts.,3750-21.html
    The 750ti only uses 68 watts and the APU you have only uses 65w. So unless you can give us some Amps on your 12v rail we can't recommend anything and it's up to you to chance it =[
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    is a link to one of the EVGA GTX 750 GPUs that uses the most power for a GTX 750 and they offer. They claim that a minimum system PSU of 300 watts is needed and that its total draw power is 80 watts. Your CPU at the official AMD link uses 65 watts. So you should be good. It would be best to have a 300 watt bronze rated or better. But you should still be okay.
  3. my thinking would be that since youre using a gt620 (which is rated ~50w btw) you may be okay. the 750 is made for situations similar to yours. id try it
  4. Thanks heaps for your input, however do you know of any way to find out the amps on my 12v rail?
  5. There is no stick on it anywhere? no numbers at all? :S

    Like the thread I linked and these guys are saying though, It's definitely worth a try since it's not a power hungry card.
  6. Should be on top of the PSU or side. I would get the 750 ti over a normal 750. A8 5500 is not that bad of a CPU it still a quad core with that and a 750 ti you should be able to play new game on medium 1080p maybe even high.
  7. The 660 and 750 ti will be close equivalents with the 660 being slightly better.

    BF4 performance

    You'd probably get 40-45FPS in high settings on BF4. So not half bad :)
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