Gaming PC: Better SSD or HDD drive?

I'm planning on building a powerful gaming pc, better one 3TB classic HDD or one 2TB classic HDD and a 250 GB SSD drive? Can the mixed config have any issues? Thanks!!!
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  1. I would go with the SSD for the operating system and some programs that are essential or going to get a lot of use. And the HDD for everything else. So SSD and HDD combination. I have a 500 GB SSD, 3 TB HDD, and an external 320 GB HDD. I use my SSD for the operating system and programs while I use the HDDs for recording gameplay for my YouTube channel. This system works really well for my needs, so if your needs are similar then you would benefit from it too.
  2. Get the 2TB and SSD. Install windows on the SSD, and use the SSD for documents, media and any games you want to load quickly. Use the HDD for everything else
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    As long you install the programs that utilize documents on the SSD, you don;t need to put document on the SSD. The hard drive will be fine.
    Example, install Microsoft Office on the SSD and save to a hard drive. You get the same speed boost in the program launching.

    This is a good guide on how to setup WIndows on a new SSD.
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