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Hey peeps, I have a Lenovo Y510p with a single GT755M 2GB and i7 4700MQ,
I've learnt that Haswell CPUs overheat alot, so I was wondering, what if I disable the integrated graphics? Will it drop down the temps? Will it be okay to put everything on the GT755M? If I should go for it, how can I do it?
I need help regarding these questions, help me out and I'll be grateful! :D

Peace :>
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  1. where have you learnt that from?
    they share the same heatsink in laptops, so if you make the 755 work more you'll limit how much heat the HSF can get rid of from the CPU. I'd suggest that the igpu uses less power than the 755M and therefore is better one to use.
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    Haswell mobile CPUs do not overheat a lot. Neither do the desktop chips unless they're overclocked, to be honest.
    The CPU will lower it's clock speed if it becomes too hot anyway.

    Yes, the 755M would be ok for everything. Should you use it all the time, so that the CPU doesn't get as hot? No.

    It will output as much heat as you save by disabling the integrated graphics, as well as lowering your battery life through higher power consumption.

    Keep the graphics settings as they are, it will produce less heat, and use less power.

    The computer should automatically use the 755M when you play games.
  3. Oh, some people told this to consider, but I just wanted to be sure if i should go for it
    the thing is, my gt755m's temps are normal, but the cpu goes around 70-80c while gaming

    But alright, I'll stick to the way it is by default, thanks people
  4. 70-80 whilst gaming is perfectly normal, and the cpu can cope. if you look to the alternative, an AMD chip then they can't cope at high temps, and they try to reach them. my little amd based home server has a cpu that runs hotter than my gaming rig.
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