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the last part of my pc build is to grab some better audio.

Want to upgrade my onboard sound card (asus p8z77 - v lx) and my speakers (dell a525 2.1)

built my pc well over a year ago, and life changed, money issues, etc but back on my feet now.

I always wanted the corsair sp2500 speakers and creative sound blaster x-fi titanium sound card

Have things moved on? are they still good value for money?

I just like big bass and loud noises for shooting people (in games!) and listening to my massive music collection.

So still a good purchase? or other recommendations?
Don't want 7.1 as just gets in the way
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  1. They are expensive.

    Try Logitech Z623 or Z906 instead. They'll blow you outa the room!

    Look at reviews and prices.
  2. the corsair sp2500 are £175
    the logitech z623 are £125

    I can afford the £50 difference. so which would you buy if you had the choice and they were the same price?
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    If they were the same price I'd probably go for the Corsair. If it's just 2.1 you're after.
  4. yeah after 2.1.
    thanks i7!!!
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