A good build for 1080p gaming??


I am planning on building this in the next two months. Haven't ordered anything yet. I just wanted to make sure that these components should run games 1-2 years from now at ultra settings 60+fps.

i5-4670k (might switch to i5-4690k if prices are right)
Asrock z97 extreme 4 (liked the extra usb 3.0 on back panel and 12 phase power)
G. Skill ripsaws x 8gb 2133mhz (liked looks and price)
Gigabyte wind force gtx770 (liked extra fans)
1tb seagate barracuda
120gb Kingston ssd
Hyper 212 evo cpu cooler

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    Should run most games maxed out @1080p no problem mate:)
  2. In 1 - 2 easy but it also depends on what platform the game is optimized for. If lets say a game is optimized for PS4 or a console even if it isn't a top end game you might see lag so you cant blame the GPU.
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