One large SSD or Dual System SSD and Hybrid Drive


I am in process of upgrading my Macbook Pro from a 500GB 5400RPM Hard Drive.

My plan was to install a 240GB SSD as the System/ Application/ Boot drive and then replace the optical drive with a 1TB Hybrid drive for data storage.

My question is, would I be better to buy a bigger SSD instead and use that to store everything?

It would meant that I would have less storage space, but I would be going for a 500GB SSD and I have never really had any issues with that size. I store everything on external hard drives (I do mostly video stuff).

So would having just one SSD be a faster system?
Or would it be faster for me to copy things I'm working on (temporarily) from the external hard drives to the hybrid drive. My Macbook is only USB2.0.

I suppose I could always get the larger SSD at the moment and then if I feel the need to later get the Hybrid drive. I really just want to know if having a separate drive for data if I can manage without is just going to be slowing me down.

Hope that makes sense, any help would be greatly appreciated.


p.s. to put it in perspective I could use the money I save on the dual system and get the Crucial M550 512GB instead of a Crucial M500 240GB
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    I totally gave up on hard drives. nothing beats the "snap" of an ssd. I, like you, when I need to save something I off load to a HD. when done I disconnect and put on a shelf. I also still burn information to discs.

    lots of people here would disagree with my ways but times change and lagger's need to catch up. my biggest drivers were 500gb. never filled one up either working or playing.
  2. A hybrid drive uses the cache to store and retrieve frequently accessed files. So, if you're not constantly storing/retrieving the same files the hybrid drive makes no sense.

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