Please help what cord will help me connect my monitor to my pc

I'm at my wit's end with this i've been looking since yesterday what dvi cord will connect my gpu to my monitor im so confused


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  1. but what about the other 4 pins on the monitor
  2. That's for wall mounting VESA.
  3. I mean the other four around the dvi-d on the monitor
  4. VESA wall mounts in Yellow

    Power in Red

    DVI in Green.

  5. Ok I'm sorry for sounding like a retard lol but the DVI CABLE

    HAS 4 EXTRA Pins around the slot thing what is that the dvi cable you listed doesnt have that
  6. Sorry misunderstood you.

    Ignore those the cord I posted will work.
  7. The 4 pins around that flat "blade" on the DVI cable is the analog signal. There is a rare spec called DVI-A which uses only them. DVI-D is digital only and lacks the 4 pins. DVI-I has both the digital and analog pins.

    I didn't follow your links, but that's the info you asked about. If SR says the cable he linked works, then get that.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks to the mods because i've been looking for something that would fit the 4 pins around the blade now i know thats irrelevant ordering the cables TODAY. also i just built a gaming pc and i havent turned it on yet... everythings in the right spot.. Im just scared because its been sitting for 2 weeks in my room i hope i didnt get a defective part warranty ends thursday whats the chance of getting a defective part?

    also how long can thermal paste sit will it dry up??
  9. I've only had 1 motherboard , 1 video card , and a broken case panel in over 15 years of building.

    I've spent thousands on Newegg and FROZEN CPU.
  10. is it ok to let the paste sit? without any heat for 2 weeks?
  11. It should still be fine.
  12. Ok thnx XD you're getting the best answer but just one more thing dvi-d is better than vga correct? because i was thinking about getting the dvi to vga adapter until you told me about the cord.
  13. Best answer
    Yes the quality is much better with DVI-D. :D
  14. You are very welcome.
  15. Thank you so much blackbird
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