I want to know if this gpu psu and computer are compatible

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  1. What are you trying to do? Build a new computer? Upgrade that existing desktop?

    Every motherboard is compatible with every psu, just depends how much power and connector you need.

    You have to tell me the motherboard in order to tell me if it is compatible with your gpu

    An doesn't that computer already have a power supply in it?

    And what is your budget?
  2. Kid, if you want to be a PC gamer, you should build your own PC. You get the best value for money and you wont get mugged off by pre-built companies.
  3. I already have this desktop and i've had it for a year im trying to upgrade it because games are starting to run slower than usual on this computer.

    I know building a desktop is better but at the time i bought the computer I did not
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    Everything is compatible with your system.
  5. THANKS!
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