Upgrading 640GB HDD TO SAMSUNG 250GB 840 Evo-Series SATA III Internal SSD ON PORTEGE R-835

This upgrade has made the notebook a lot faster at start up and operating in general.
It use to take close to 40 sec for Windows 7 to start. Now it takes 15 sec.

I purchased it at http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/998575-REG/samsung_mz_7te250bw_840_evo_250gb_2_5.html

There is a simple BIOS change that needs to be made during boot up/system configuration and once in the boot priority go to BIOS and change it to AHCI.

For most Toshiba notebook/laptops BIOS settings, refer to the following:

I simply removed old HDD and installed the new SSD.
On start up went to boot priority/system configuration by pressing F2 quickly.
SSD was already detected as it appeared in the manifest under HHD.
It took me a couple of minutes to find and access the right command and make changes to (AHCI).
Followed the prompts and exited the boot priority by saving.
Installed the widows restore CD's that came with notebook and took a while to finish the whole set up.

After installation its not bad idea to protect your machine with a free program like AVAST anit-virus. This program has not slow down your machine.
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