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Hi, i have this issue with my cpu.. i have phenom x4 965 and normal core speed is 3.4 mhz and my is running on 800 mhz.. at begginng it worked really well, then i got my new windows on pc and from that moment i cant discover problem meny people sad its the CandQ and if i put some load on it it will go to 3.4 mhz but no.. thats not the problem i disabled CandQ and cpu is still running at 800 mhz.. he climb at 3.4 mhz just for like 0.5 sec and goes back down again! here is a pic of cpu-z program for comparing the good cpu and mine. mine is right. ty for answer!

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    Are you overheating? Get HWMonitor and check your temps, you may be throttling.
  2. here is pic of that too

  3. Yeah, you are running too hot there. The 955 should be kept below 62C, since you are running at 68C and it is down clocked you should check your heatsink, make sure its not clogged with dust and that the fan is still spinning.
  4. well ty i will try that!
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