Which Build would offer the better performance? (How much does CPU really matter over the GPU? )

Build 1:
>Intel Core i5-4590
>1TB 3.5" SATA-III 6GB/s
>Genuine Windows 8.1 64 Bit

Build 2:
AMD FX-6350
>ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
>1TB 3.5" SATA-III 6GB/s
>Genuine Windows 8.1 64 Bit

Now, I realize the i5's going to have better performance in games over the FX. However my problem is that this is a pre-built system with no configuration, So, build two has a weaker CPU but a better GPU, which one of these builds would perform better and what kind of settings do you expect it to achieve? etc on: BF4, upcoming games, Generally my friend wants it to just PLAY everything, he doesn't care for ultra specs.

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    the 260x would perform better than the 750 and the 6350 is powerful enough to let the card run at 100%.
  2. Neither of those CPUs will matter at all, because the GPUs are far too weak to even justify them. For that money, you should be looking at a much cheaper CPU and a better GPU. Even a 6350 and 260x is a very unbalanced combo for gaming.
  3. any lower than a 6300 and a GPU upgrade down the line isn't justifiable either
  4. I would get a 6300 over a 6350 for sure. Also, he could get a single 4gb stick of RAM and use the saved money from both of those for a better GPU. that would be a MUCH better idea.
  5. a 270 would be the sweet spot to aim for as they are an underclocked 270x and the start of good 1080p performance.
  6. Right, Thanks. I can't really change his mind on building it, this is a non configurable PC on a website you can buy, prebuilt. He just doesn't want to be patient and afford one with a better GPU, he's just interested at running everything at least at low, and all the specs I've seen this card completely fail on are the ultra/high specs in games.
  7. building it yourself is out of the question?
  8. The 6350 build will run games at low/medium at 1080p. the i5 build shouldn't even be considered for a gaming build. He is going to be mad when he pays like $700 for a prebuilt to play at low when he could have build one for the same money to play at high.
  9. I'm personally into building it, he's decided to chose the another one with the I5 and the R9 270, It seems like a good combo :D

    No, he won't allow me to build it. I'm a computer geek but it's honestly 'do you trust someone with £500+' who could potentially fail, Yes I realize it's simple and i am building one myself but my friend's kinda right.
  10. That combo is better, The i5 is still overkill for the 270, but whatever. At least he can play most stuff at medium/high now.
  11. it's not like people building computers have any kind of a degree, majority have just as much experience as an average builder on this website. I've built $2000+ systems for friends of a friend without ever meeting them.
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