Is this the best PC I get get for under 2800$

Before I make my final decision on my build I want to know if I should change or add anything
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  1. if you want gaming performance i would change a few things:
    cpu go i5 instead.
    storage go full ssd, every game you play should be on a ssd.
    get more ram, 16gb is nice.
    less psu watt, 600w is ok, coolermaster v series 600 or 650w is great.
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    Thats not exactly true about solid state drives as two 7200rpm drives will give you full system performance with the os on one and the page file on the other.

    Solid state drives are great technology but do not think they are needed to get the best bang for your buck.

    2133 ram is a lil over powered for a gamer and 1866 would be a nice oc but 1600 would get the job done fine. 8gb is fine and you will most likely never even be using more than 5gb.
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