will this run watchdogs im thinking of building this pc but i aim to play high end games like watchdogs
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  1. It's better not to estimate wether you can play the game and at which settings due to Ubisoft not optimizing the game well.
    When a patch comes out and fixes this problem there will be benchmarks to answer your question.
  2. This PC will run Watchdogs but you should do some changes in your build like,
    Dual channel ram is always better than single channel and get atleast 1600MHz of ram
    and get a better psu than CX430,
    You can replace your psu to Seasonic S12-II 430
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    Yes, but it won't run it with everything on Ultra. Since the R9-270 is a 2GB card, you'll be locked into the "High" texture setting. (Ultra texture setting requires a 3GB+ video card.) Other graphics details settings will depend on your resolution, but I believe "High" across the board using HBAO+Low and FXAA would be possible. Those are my brother's settings, and he's using a Phenom II X4 & HD7870 @ 1600 x 900.

    Why the 1333 RAM, though? Go with 1600:
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