Will my graphics card and cpu run Metro Last light $ Battlefield 4 60 FPS 180 p?

Will my setup run Metro Last Light and BF4 60 fps 1080 p? i7-4790k 4 core 4.0 ghz up to 4.8 ghz processor, Nvidia GTX Titan Black Single, 8 GB dr 2133 ram
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  1. Not sure if serious or troll...
  2. Francisco Costa said:
    Not sure if serious or troll...

    serious. I'm new to building my first PC
  3. The 4790k isn't even out yet ..
    Titan black is a waste of money , it's a 780ti with 3 extra gb of vram ...
    We don't even know what psu , motherboard , case you have
  4. Don't get a Titan Black. Just don't. 780ti is such a better investment.
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