Can I run apps from the flash drive?

So, I wonder if I can run apps from the flash drive. So, here's how it goes (in my opinion):

I copy the .dmg file to the flash drive, open it, DO NOT copy it into Applications folder, start it, and it runs. And saves all its configuration on Mac or wherever it saves it.

So, am I right? Is that possible at all?

P.S. I understand there may be a lot of similar questions, but different people may write it different ways, so I'm a little too lazy to try to find it.\

P.P.S. Mac OS X Mavericks
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    You can install an OS X program pretty much anywhere you choose. Is there a particular reason that you want to install to a slow flash drive?
  2. 1. Not much free space on SSD.
    2. Don't want anybody to know that I use the app (everything is legal, just don't want)

    Any instructions I can open .dmg on Windows to copy its contents to a flash drive?
  3. Just drag the application to the flash drive. But that won't prevent people from knowing that you are running it - they could inspect the system log to discover that. Just as effective would be to install it to your home folder, where only you (or root) can see it.

    If your SSD is that full then you probably have more serious problems.
  4. Well, thanks Ijack, that helped a little. SSD is almost full because of pictures, videos, and all other stuff ( or should I say trash?)
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