Need suggestions for a PCI Express x1 sound card

ok I need a sound card for my 5.1 system, but I have no idea which one is a great one for a Gateway DX4860 I just got, my old XPS 410 had 7.1 integrated and it wasn't bad, but this system only has the regular.. so any suggestions? and need to keep it on the cheap side of things lol
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  1. no that's cheap enough lol, does asus keep drivers up to date on there sound cards?, the old sigmatel chip in the dell was awesome, I love listenin to music big time.. I got a Logitech x530 plan on getting a klipsch setup later on so as long as the card does pretty good ill be fine, im no audiophile or anything
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    I haven't owned an Asus sound card myself yet. I have only used Creative to date, and they don't really seem to bring out drivers very often. I have the Creative SB Z & they had a couple of updates, but as it's a new card that's to be expected to weed out bugs. The Xonar DG has been about a good while, so i'd imagine the drivers to be mature.
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