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Hello, I have built a new pc and I plugged the ethernet internet cable to my pc's lan port and to my internet modem. The internet works on other computer that i own, but not to this one. I don't know why. My computer is keep telling me "install a driver for your network adapter. Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter. If you have a network adapter, you will need to re install the driver."

My understanding was that you plug your ethernet cable into your internet modem and to your computer's lan port, and done

Am i missing a step?

Do I need to go buy a network adapter? The mother board I am using is ASROCK Z87 Extreme 4.

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    Get the needed ethernet driver from asrock and install it.

    When you gain internet access run windows update.

    Update the bios to its latest version if it has not come as such.

    What Windows are you using?
  2. Hi! Thank you for your answer, I am using Window 7
  3. Thank you for your help! I found my answer. I just had to use the cd that came with motherboard.

    Thanks again!
  4. the cd works but it will most likely be old drivers and it can make little difference in a lot of cases but sometimes it does offer a few percent performance increase.

    i was just curious about the os version.

    you can do some reading about efi installation vs. legacy.
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