6350/ asrock 970 extreme 3 issue

in cpu-z it is saying i have 2 cores and 2 threads while I know its actually 3 cores 2 threads, whats up here?

FX 6350 BOX version, and asrock 970 extreme 3
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  1. Do you have a current version of CPU-Z? Install a different program - Eg. Speccy and see what it says. If both programs report two cores, then either you have a different CPU or some of the cores have gone AWOL.
  2. I ran speccy, and it said the same thing, could this be a MOBO problem to where it isnt reading all of the cores? or do you think this is a CPU problem that I need to address with AMD, its only a month or so old.
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    1st check that the motherboard is at current firmware/BIOS level. If it still does it, then I'd say you are in the component builder's idea of hell. Both mobo and CPU vendor can point fingers at one another and you're going to be sitting in Tech Support purgatory.

    My best guess it is a CPU issue, but I can't swear to it.

    Realistically, if this ever happens to me I'd say "fsck it all" and send both mobo and CPU back.
  4. Looked around for some fixes, and found one!
    ANYONE WHO HAS THIS PROBLEM- system configuration, then to boot, advanced options, uncheck number of processors to boot. everything working fantastic now.
  5. Awesome... Phew.
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