Amd FX-8320 vs Amd FX-6300 vs Amd FX-4350

I was asking questions about my upcoming build and someone told me to get the fx-8320 over the fx-4350 and im wondering why. the 4350 is cheaper faster and better at overclocking? Saw people hitting 5Ghz easy with decent cooling but im being told its a bad cpu. The 6300 is just a extra option and im just wondering which would fit into my build better.
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    well it´s the number of cores the 8320 has 8, the 6300 has 6 and the 4350 has 4 so thats the obvious reason why the 8320 is better than the 4350 also those 5Ghz are not something you want to run it at all the time if you don´t have atleast watercooling
  2. Like said above, the FX-8320 has 8 cores meaning that it will be the fastest processor of the bunch.
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