Battlefield 4 crashes win 8.1 gtx 670 latest drivers

Recently battlefield 4 has been crashing for me on my gtx 670 with the latest drivers. I have even re installed windows though the problem is still present. I am unaware of any reason why this is happening. This happens on BOTH single player and multiplayer. Once I manage to shut down bf4.exe battlelog says I've plainly been kicked. I have indeed updated punkbuster too.
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  1. Is it the 337.88 driver?
  2. M0j0jojo said:
    Is it the 337.88 driver?

    Yep, I've even gone back to the 335.23 and all the way back to the R331 Game Ready and still had the problem
  3. Try to re-install BF4
  4. M0j0jojo said:
    Try to re-install BF4

    I have, fully re installed windows then the game
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