3 Monitors with AMD Radeon 7 series? HDMI, DVI, Mini Display port?

Hello, I am looking to set up a third monitor. I currently have 1 hdmi, 1 mini display to hdmi cable and then a dvi cable. I tried doing all three without any active adapters, but it says the third can't be enabled without disabling another. I haven't bought an active adapter yet, but I read somewhere that third monitor with eyefinity only works with display port. I was going to buy a mini display port to dvi active adapter, but I was hesitant and not sure if it would do the trick. Is there any special way I should set up the cables? Or does anyone else know what I can do before buying the adapter? I could buy a second graphics card if it comes down to that too. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. For some unknown reason, AMD requires a Display Port adapter after the use of 2 monitors. So if you want to hook that third one up you'll have to buy a Display Port adapter.
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