which hdd i can throw to garbage?

aaa-is 40 gb hdd
bbb-is 40 gb hdd
ccc-is 80 gb hdd(sata)

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    trash aaa, keep ccc, and i would keep bbb incase you need a hdd for something.
  2. IMO, all of them. For the same amount of power usage you are getting 0.080TB (80Gb) of data storage at best and 1TB drives are phenominally cheap these days. They probably don't have much life left in them anyway.

    On the other hand, they could all make good paper weights if you need them.
  3. hehe i used them to help friends and family with old coumpuers, i have 4 tb at my pc :D
  4. a and b are the worst on you could do a full reformat on them and use the drive maker tool to see if it will bypass most of the bad sector it is worth a try since those are the helping drive .
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