Overclocking from ccc forced my computer to stop working

Hello everybody,

Ive been getting low fps lately in 2013-2014 games which is terrible so i looked up on the internet for solutions ive tried using alot of game boosters but none of them seemed to make changes, then ive tried to overclock my gpu from The Catalyst center once i applied the overclock the entire screen turned into colorful dots and a blue screen full of bla bla keep afterwards keep in mind ive never ever faced that issue until i overclocked my gpu

Here are my specs:

win7 64-bit
Intel core i3-2120 3.30GHZ
8GB ram
AMD Radeon 6570HD 2GB DDR3
350WAT power supply
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    Overclocking causes the GPU to make errors, it's called 'artifacting'. It just means you OC too far. Start with little increments and work up, test under load at each step. Heat is the main factor, anything you can do to cool the GPU will help, blowing out the fan and heatsink for example. GPUs will only overclock a marginal amount so don't expect too much. You could stand a video card upgrade at this point honestly.
  2. It means you can't overclock that far or your power supply can't supply the required power.
    Consider getting a gpu and psu upgrade.
  3. You shouldn't overclock with a very poor underpowered PSU.
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