whats the best way to make a disk to erase an ssd

I have heard of secure erase but I cant seem to find a bootable download file or ISO. my drive is a Kingston hyperx 3k and there website don't have a secure erase utility where or what else can I use need to make a bootable disk for a fresh clean install
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  1. good article where would be a reputable source to get what they call HDDerase in the article; it said it can be found here but there was no link on there article I searched it and cnet downloads is reputable but they just listed 15search results none of wich where what it was I needed
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  3. ok, that is an old utility seems like the latest revision though. since il be doing it in dos is this 2004-2008 utility work just fine?
  4. It will work just fine
  5. should I use secure erase or enhanced secure erase? I read this from the readme and cant decide

    Q: What is the difference between secure erase and enhanced secure erase?

    A: Secure erase overwrites all user data areas with binary zeroes. Enhanced
    secure erase writes predetermined data patterns (set by the manufacturer) to
    all user data areas, including sectors that are no longer in use due to
    reallocation. ***NOTE: the enhanced secure erase option is not supported by
    all ATA drives.
  6. the secure erase will be fine.
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