Geforce GTX 780Ti Power consumption.

Right now I am looking into a EVGA 3GB 780Ti and I want to know if I would have to get a new PSU to run it. Right now I have an EVGA 650 80 Plus gold running an intel i7 4770k a seagate barracuda 1tb hard drive, some samsung cd writer, a gigabyte g1 sniper and a EVGA 750 ti. If I were to take out the 750 Ti could I run the 780 ti?
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    Hi Dandog117
    For the GeForce GTX 780ti you will require a psu with 42A on the +12v rail and a 600W PSU minimum
    The EVGA 650 80 Plus gold has over 53A on the combined +12v rail and enough wattage so you will be fine :)
  2. Awesome! Thanks!
    You should be able to run GTX 780 TI with your current PSU, since for 780TI it is recommended just minimum of 600 Watt Power Supply, while you also got an excellent PSU.
  4. you are most welcome,all the best
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