Newly Built Computer Black Screen Issue!

So I recently built a new PC with a combination of new and re-used parts as follows:

-Intel i7-3770
-16 Gigs of Crucial DDR3-1333 Memory
-Corsair 750M Power Supply
-NZXT Phantom Case
-EVGA GTX 770 Super Clocked

This is the first computer I have ever built and upon finishing the build I started up the computer only to be met with a black screen on my monitor. All of the LEDs light up and all fans turn on but the BIOS does not appear. I went through many checklists which included re-seating and re-organizing RAM, testing without the graphics card, using different power supplies, etc. and still nothing. After nothing seemed to work I removed my CPU and heatsink and reinstalled them into my old motherboard. I then started up the system and was met by another black screen but this time my power was on for a couple of seconds, turned off, and then turned itself back on in an endless cycle. I don't know what seems to be the problem. It might be an issue with the CPU although it is a re-used part and was using it flawlessly a mere 5 days ago!
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    are you sure neither the CPU or motherboard's a typo there? the i7-3770 is an LGA1155 CPU & the motherboard is an LGA1150 board. they're not compatible with each other.
  2. No neither of those were typos, which explains why it will not work on my new system, but I still don't understand why it cycles power on my old system, I have the CPU plugged in with the heatsink, old motherboard, and working PSU.

    I feel really stupid now for purchasing a non-compatible board, but at least I have time to return it, and it isn't a broken part. I am assuming that this motherboard will work because it is LGA1155?:
  3. what was your old PC specs? if it was a socket 1155 build, try resetting the CMOS. otherwise, if that i7-3770 still doesn't work on the old 1155 PC, then i'm afraid it may be damaged from inserting it on an 1150 board, though that's just me jumping to conclusions, so hopefully, i'm wrong.

    can't access your link. try re-directing it via PCpartpicker.
  4. The new board that I intend to buy is the ASUS P8Z77-V, and looking over the specifications it seems to fit my CPU along with being a LGA1155 compatible board, thank you so much for your help!

    UPDATE: My CPU does indeed work fine, just had to clear the CMOS and switch the RAM to the outermost slot and my CPU managed to work! YAY, I didn't break it!
  5. im having that problem but i didnt take out the cmos i will try it
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