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This is my motherboard and I am looking for the best cpu I can put into it. I currently have a Athlon x2 6400+ dual core at 3.2 in it and was wondering if the Phenom ii x4 series is much faster and supported?
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  1. Check the CPU support page:

    There are several Phenom and Phenom II X4 CPUs supported. Just look for the model number, or do a CTRL+F and search the moderl number of the CPU you are considering and you will have your answer.
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    The Phenom II x 4's (AM3 Socket) are included in the mobo's Supported CPU's list, so they should work... it may require a BIOS update though, but any of the AM3 CPUs included in the support list, should have no issues working. You can find BIOS download links in the motherboard page Support link, or you can install the "MSI Live Update 5" tool to help find and download the right BIOS uipdate.

    MSI K9A2

    Supported CPUs List
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