Questions about multi display setups, configurations and which monitors would be best for gaming?

I want to set up a triple monitor set up for games that support it and for general multipurpose monitor use for accounting and school work. My main concern is performance. I am running a 24 inch 144Hz monitor now and want to add a left and a right. However i don't have the space for 3 24 inch monitors and I don't want to use only 2 and have a seem running down the middle. Is there a possibility of running something like this
as my left and right monitors or will that not work? If there is a similar alternative that WILL work for this that would be great as well! I could ultimately reconfigure my desk and work space to accommodate 3 24-inch monitors but would prefer not to. Thanks!
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  1. I have found that with multi monitors it is best to have them all the same.
    Otherwise, dragging windows across different sized monitors changes the size of the windows.

    A couple of possibilities:
    1. Can you rotate three monitors 90 degrees to make room?
    2. If you only have two monitors, you will game on the primary, and the other will be a side monitor. I agree, a seam in the middle is not good, and I don't think many games are playable on 2 monitors anyway.
    3. Why not go to a single larger 30" 2560 x 1600 monitor for gaming and keep the 24" as a side monitor.
    4. Are you game for a 4k monitor? Several 28" are launching with 60hz capability.
  2. I would be more inclined to stay with 1440P for now since it can still be clocked up to around 96-120Hz depending on the monitor. Eventually I would get triple 1440P monitors and stand them on end. If this configuration works well for 1080P monitors then I would probably be up for that as well. I really would like to keep my frame rate as high as possible since I am big with FPS gaming and a lot of action and real time RPG's.
  3. I am still waiting for the ROG monitor to drop as its supposed to be 1440P with a native 120Hz refresh rate. Until then I plan on running just 1080P monitors, I think it is worth waiting a little while to see what 1440P and up will do as far as cost and newer technologies are concerned.
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