Newly built PC locks up and freezes when playing games

I just got all my PC parts in a week ago and was really stoked to finally get it together after shipping delays. Here's what I got...

Motherboard: Asus M5A97
Processor: AMD FX 9590-8Core
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 760
PSU: TOPower 1100w
HDD: SanDisk 256gig SSD
Ram: 2 8 gig sticks of AData 2400mhz DDR3

So I get it all put together and Install Windows 7, everything works great. Install some games and try to play Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and it locks up my whole computer, have to hold power button to restart. Grrrrrrrr. So I update my video card drivers and try again, same thing. hmmmmmm.

So now I'm thinking overheating, check my temps and fans, everything is great.

So I begin skimming forum posts. I update my Asus Bios, make sure I have Directx 11. Still No Go.
So I uninstall Windows 7 and fresh install it. Runs great, can surf and watch vids. Load up a game, whole thing locks up. no BSOD, just frozen.

So I run MemTest to check out my RAM. Everything passes fine.
Reseated Video Card and RAM. Still locks up.
Went out and bought 2 8gig sticks of 1600mhz Ram, still same problem.
Go back and return the new ram, pop my old ram in, then I run across a forum post about some Audio Drivers eating all of this one guys ram. So I disable all of my audio drivers. And this was kinda interesting, Because previously any game would crash in like 3 mins, but after I did that, Far Cry 3 ran for close to 12 mins (no sound of course) before it froze.

I'm at my rope's end, and I REALLY do NOT want to take it to Geek Squad. The biggest thing is I can't find a faulty component to replace, so I do not know what to replace. Help would be a God Send.
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  1. I would test with a different power supply. A bad power supply may not appear bad until put under load.
  2. Anyway I could test my power supply without buying a new one? I have another PC but would hate to pull the PSU out if I can help it. I also have Case lights, you know little LED strips. Could disconnecting those help?
  3. The idea is not to test the power supply, it is to test the system with a different power supply. If your other computer has the correct type of power supply and is at minimum 500 watts, you can use that to test with.
  4. with the 9xxx cpu the only chipset is the 990 and some mb that it run on due to the high wattage of the cpu and the vrm needed.
  5. Okay small update. I have pulled my 700w PSU from another system in the house and installed it. Same issue. Comp boots up fine, able to surf web, stream netflix etc with no issues. As soon as I try to play anygame, it locks up. I get Almost to the end of the rail shooter segment of Blood Dragon and it Freezes. Skyrim on Ultra High Graphics as well as Minimum Graphics lets me complete the tutorial then it freezes.
  6. Could my TV be causing it? Really racking my brains out for a solution...
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