USB Failing; MOBO failing as well?

I have been having random issue with my front usb ports not working, or working at partial power. From some quick research I have discovered that this could be a sign of my motherboard failing. Yet the thing is, is that the rear usb ports continue to work....

Does this sound like a simple fix, or a complete motherboard failure? And if so, please recommend a good motherboard replacement.
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  1. If its an old case and the front usb ports get a lot of work, they could just be worn.

    Try new front usb ports eg
  2. I have a stock dell xps 8300 case. Is it possible to replace these front ports?
  3. If it's got a spare 5.25 bay, you can put in something like I linked to.
  4. Honestly, I am not 100% if it does or how to even determine that.
  5. You've got - look at it!
  6. The front portion with the bay door correct? That's great! But what of the top two usb hubs that are built into the case?
  7. Just connect the leads from them to the new bay device. Leave them there. Put a bit of cardboard in them.
  8. The leads?
  9. The case usb ports will have leads going to the motherboard. Unplug them from the motherboard and plug the bay device connector into theat spot on the motherboard. There should be instructions with the bay device.
  10. Well there's the two up top, and then the two currently in the 5.25 bay. Are they not separate?
  11. Some usb3.0 (blue) and others usb2.0? - looks just like card readers in the current top bay.
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    OK - looks like 2 x usb2.0 at the very top of the case. They should come from one usb2.0 header on the motherboard. That's where you would connect the usb ports in the new bay device to.
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