I7 3770k High Temp?

Recently I noticed that my CPU (i7 3770k) temperature can sometime spike at 85 to 90 degrees Celsius. Is that normal with the Hyper 212 Evo?

Note that I have not messed with any of the settings and left it at stock settings.
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  1. That's not normal with an aftermarket cooler.Try reseating the cooler or reapply thermal paste.
  2. I agree. Google how to do it.
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    If there is no overclock on the CPU then no thats to hot. Causes are either incorrectly seated heatsink, bad thermal paste application, faulty fan on the heatsink or its clogged with dust ect. Try removing the evo and re seating it if its working and dust free, you will likely need to re apply the thermal paste when you do this.
  4. Is the 85-90C under load? It is a bit warm but still in safe temperatures. Is there enough airflow in your case?
  5. When I ran Core Temp while I was playing a game (Heroes and Generals) I noticed it said it actually hit 105 C and the vents on my Fractal Arc Midi R2 are pretty cover in dust. I guess I better turn off my computer now and take it apart tomorrow and clean the whole thing and reapply thermal paste.

    Thanks for your reply guys!
  6. No problem man :D
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