What is a good pre build gaming pc for about $700?

Any trusted seller would be good. I'll be playing games like battlefield 4. i would build a pc but my dad wont let me. Any help would be greatly apriciated.
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  1. This one is okay. But you could definitely build one better for the same price, so really I'd suggest you keep trying to convince your dad.
  2. thanks for the suggestion. if no one can add anything better in the price range than ill pick it
  3. I agree about talking to your dad as well.
    This is the performance of the build linked by rationale
    Probably won't get above 30FPS on ultra.

    Then you have a super bad chipset for your mobo, and when paired with the 8320 will be trouble...
    It's probably one of the MSI ones to.

    Then you have a cheap 400w PSU which who knows if the thing will last more than one week.

    That's not just problems with the one chosen above , That's all budget prebuilts

    It's my opinion and I stand by it when I say it, you get more of a "warranty" building your own computer with quality parts than you do buying some junky prebuilt one.

    I'll give a shot looking for a better one but it's doubtful, give me a few minutes.
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    Alright took 30 minutes of researching to find out....

    Lol...yea I tried to build you a custom one on Ibuypower's site. I made an FX6300/r9 270 one for $778 but you'd have to put an operating system on it yourself; they have the worst list of parts ever...

    That build Rationale showed is the best cheap one on newegg. I tried bestbuy and found this Dell one. It's at least energy star certified so I hope that means the PSU is good lol. It has a very slightly worse GPU but has a better motherboard and an i5-4440 CPU that uses less power so hopefully less stress on your system.$pcmcat212600050008&cp=2&lp=2

    Then I thought...why not try Tigerdirect. They have some decent prebuilts usually....well
    It's an 4300 cpu with an r9 270...Always better to have a great GPU and so-so CPU than have the reverse. It even has a 500w psu so should be better than the norm.
    I'd personally take this build as it fits your budget perfectly and gives you the best graphics card possible in a $700 prebuilt
  5. thanks for the answer. i would convince my dad to let me build my own but he said if we bought it from a retailer, he would pay for it, and if i built it, i would have to. I'll still search to see if i can find anything better and will update if i do.
  6. Hmm, that's a weird deal with your dad about the computer, I guess he is like most parents and worried something goes wrong and you lose $700 :P
    (it's not really like that at all!) Just incase you want to learn a bit more about it

    But hey, at least you get a free computer out of it! Enjoy it :)
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