how to improve my laptop performance ..considerably

without hardware updates
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  1. do checkdisk and defragment hdd.
    check ram with Memtest.
    Uninstall all unwanted software
    Clean out the inside - to keep it cool. Use it in a cool place.
  2. Disabling startup programs, freeing up space, defragmenting, and running programs like CCleaner are really your only options.
  3. Update everything and remove all previous drivers by going to all the official websites and downloading their software. Download CCleaner and Bitdefender and do full scans. Completely uninstall stuff you don't need and disable everything that opens on startup.

    There's nothing much else you can do apart from also defragmenting your storage drives. Both CCleaner and Bitdefender do frequent automatic scans on my computer.
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    1)disk clean up
    2)disk defragmentation
    3)sufficient ram (4+gb)
    4)good antivirus
    5)registry cleaner
    6)uninstall unused programs
    7)keep atleast 15gb free space in C drive
    8)empty recycle bin
    9)maximum performance- power plans
    10)minimize start up and processes
    11)keep all drivers up to date
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