How much of a upgrade is a EVGA GTX 780ti super clocked from a EVGA 780 FTW?

I have a chance to do a swap and get a 780ti superclocked.
How much better of a card is it from amy 780 FTW i have now?
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  1. in games you'll see performance increases of ~15-20% (@1080p)
  2. vortical said:
    in games you'll see performance increases of ~15-20% (@1080p)

    so it is better than a 780 classified as well? i can get either the 780ti super clocked or a 780 classifed?
    which will give me the most fps and best performance (temps,high clock speed
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    the gtx 780 ti will perform better than the gtx 780 regardless of manufacturer or specific design (classified/ superclock / etc.) , the overall difference may vary but the outcome will be the same.
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