gaming rig modification (cpu,gpu) ... help

hi all i am going to buy this pc

GPU gigabyte r9 270x oc 2gb gddr5 windforce 3x gv-r927xoc-2gd
CPU intel core i5-4440 haswell 3.1ghz 6m lga 1150 quad-core desktop processor
MOBO asrock h81m-hds socket 1150 motherboard
RAM corsair vengeance 8gb 2 x 4gb ddr3 1600 cl9 dual channel memory kit
HDD Western Digital (WD) Caviar BLUE WD5000AAKX 500GB SATA 6GB/s 16MB Cache HDD
CORSAIR CX600M 600w 80 PLUS Bronze Modular PSU

i was thinking about paying few extra money for i5 4670k or for gtx 760
it's a cpu vs gpu in gaming ...
so which way it should be ?

is 8 core fx gona be better for games than the i5 4 core ?

thx all :)
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  1. You will see a larger performance increase from upgrading your video card.
    your current CPU should be giving you little to no bottleneck at the current time.
  2. The 270x will run nearly as well as a gtx 760 anyway. I wouldn't change to a 760 - not worth it.

    The i5 will be fine too.

    The FX 8350 is only a bit better than the i5 4440 too.

    The motherboard is low end. Maybe upgrade that one day.

    The power supply is low end too. You should upgrade that too.

    Otherwise, you should just use it as is.
  3. Truly there isnt any reason to make these upgrades in general. If your performances are tolerable, none of the upgrades in this sort of price range will give you more than ~15% increased performance. Save your money and buy a video card for like 5-600 dollars next year.
  4. ok thx guys ^_^
  5. so i better upgrade my power supply

    if i am not going to overclock do i still need upgrade my motherboard

    i picked a really cheap one to save money for cpu and gpu
  6. only if you want to crossfire/sli or expand your ram, as h81 doesnt support more than 1 gpu or more than 2 sticks of ram . also h81 does not support ssd caching, so upgrade your mobo before you get an ssd.
  7. what is the cheapest MOBO i can get as an upgrade ?
  8. I need details, do you want to be able to xfire? overclock when u upgrade your cpu? form factor? etc
  9. no i won't overclock or get onther gpu ...

    may i ask what's the difference between r9 270x models ?
    i can see there's sapphire dual - vapor \ gigabyte oc \ xfx what's the best they are really close in price ...
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    If your not getting an ssd/upgrading you ram/OC/xfire, getting a new mother board is not worth the upgrade at the current time.

    With the exception of certain more expensive classified or lightning editions, the difference between manufacturers is minimal, maybe 1-2 extra fps or 1-2 degrees cooler when gaming or a few dB quieter, each has its small pros and cons but nothing major performance wise.
  11. ok i will ask you to name a motherboard with all these features just in case i wanted to replace this mobo

    and thank you very much you were really helpful :)
  12. w0zahran said:
    ok i will ask you to name a motherboard with all these features just in case i wanted to replace this mobo

    and thank you very much you were really helpful :)

    At this moment this board would be the cheapest reasonable Xfire/OC etc capable board you might upgrade to :

    Though prices fluctuate so something could easily be cheaper whenever you get around to upgrading
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