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Hi friends,a week ago i build a pc but today i have got a problem.Today i brought a zotac gtx 770 but it is not fitting in the case.So i need a pretty huge case that can easily install my gtx 770.It can be toolless and my budget is around 90 dollars.
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    Hi MAK 786
    the thermaltake core v71
    EDIT: sorry missed 90$ budget
  2. what is your current case size in mm/cm ?
    ill have a look but I think a Silverstone PC case would work well,
    the Silverstone PS06 has the following dimensions:
    210mm(W) x 525mm(H) x 520mm(D), 57.3 liters
    is this big enough?
    also the price is £69
    your card is 267mm long this case has high airflow is well constructed and supports full length cards
  4. CM 690 2 or 3 the one that is the cheapest
  5. Mine current case size is 34×17×34 (l×b×h) cms.
  6. The Cooler Master HAF 922 is a quality case with exceptional airflow and should suit your needs
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