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I just bought a router ASUS RT-N10E and I'm having big problems with it. What I mean is that I can't reach the maximum speed that I'm supposed to...I have an internet bandwidth of 100mb/s and when I connect my pc directly to the cabble of the internet I get that speed...I mean I can download internationally with 11mb/s down speed and upload with 1mb/s+ , when I set up my router all I can get is 1.6-1.7 mb/s. Can something be done about this? Is there any solution to fix it? I have a lot of options in the router's setup page but I'm kinda new with this and I'm lost...I don't know how to make it work at the maximum speed.

Thank you
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  1. Have you tried updating the firmware?
  2. Are you talking about wireless? What is your wifi adaptor on the PC? Is it wireless n? how many aerials does it have? What band is it running? I ahve a 5GHz dual n card and can top out at around 10MB/s on my wireless. With 2.4GHz wireless-n "300" (dual aerial) I can only manage about 3-4MB/s

    It is probably your wifi/USB speed limiting it rather than the router.
  3. I can't think of anything in the router's settings that affect download speed, it either works or doesn't work at all.
    Check with your ISP to see if they are having problems in your area.
  4. @ techguy911

    I have downloaded a firmware but I honestly have no idea how to install it...since the extension of the file is .trx


    I;m pretty sure is not my pc , I've been various times in my friend's home and he has a wireless too...and I don't have any kind of issue there , everything works perfectly...

    @Phillip Corcoran

    As I said in my first post can't be my provider...if I take the cabble now and I plug it to my computer the download speed will be again 11mb/s

    Thank you everyone for your answers and for trying to help me...hope to find a fix for this :(
  5. You did not answer my questions. If you are running the 2.4GHz band it is likely crowded in your area. Is your friend in a detached house? Are you in an apartment? Regardless to diagnose your problem it would help if you could give us more information.

    I have 100Mbps Fiber and I had to solve this myself. I am only trying to help.
  6. I'm sorry but I have no idea what band I'm running , like I said kinda new to this. I live in the center of the my friend does , we both live in apartments (ofc separately ) like 200m away. I have password to my router and WPA2 auth method / AES encryption...from what I'm reading on the router's page
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    Just looked up the specs of your router and yeah, it is single aerial. N150. Try a N300 or better. That has 2 aerials. I have a dual aerial - dual band router, but you would need to buy a wifi stick that can do that too.

    Good luck.
  8. So can't do anything with this router? is this all it can offer? 1.6mb/s ? cause the guy on the store told me that goes till 150mb/s .

    ps: find out how to install the firmware and did it...tho no change in the speed
  9. that is a theoretical maximum speed in a completely lab-like environment sitting 1 meter away in a lead shielded room. You will never ever reach that throughput.
  10. so can drop that drastically? I mean I'm literally 3m away from the can drop soooo much...from 150 to only 1.6...that;s really absurd.

    I'm not good at this as I said multiple times but must be smth that can be done :((
  11. Noise. Try manually changing channels (there are 11 to choose from in 2.4GHz band). It could be that you are on a channel that is busy with traffic. Also, if your neighbours use a baby monitor or other wireless stuff they can SEVERELY interrupt wifi.

    these are the settings dunno if it helps but as u said more information
  13. tried to switch channels / extensions but seems I can't connect to the wireless anymore if I do that
  14. to update the firmware on your router you have to get into the web interface by typing your default gateway ip into your web browser here is a video on how to update your firmware:
    to find your default gateway type cmd in search on windows button and ipconfig in the command prompt window.
  15. ye...said on the previous post that I found out how to do it and did it...but no change :(((
  16. I bought a new router and everything works like a charm now , I'm getting even 11mb/s through wireless.

    Thanks for the help guys
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