Upgrading question, OC on i5 2500k and a new GPU for Full HD gaming

Hi there!

I am planning to upgrade my system:

ASUS P8P67 LE MB + INTEL CORE i5 2500K 3.3 GHZ
23.6" BENQ XL2410T 3D 1920X1080 120Hz

I would like to start OC my CPU and then buy a new GPU. I play mainly iRacing and Assetto Corsa (plus Space Engineers, Skyrim and will play Watch Dogs and other new multiplatform games appearing at PS4 and Xbox One).

My goal is to play at 120 fps in 1920 x 1080 (so I can take advantage of the 120Hz refresh of my monitor) at the highest settings.

My questions:

Is a Nvidia GTX 780 (non Ti) overkill for my system (will the bottleneck be my CPU, even with OC)?
I can get a cheaper GTX 770, but I would really like to play at Full HD with the highest settings and still be able to get a lot of FPS.

My PSU is a Thermaltake 700W Litepower, according to the specs, it has 1 x 6 + 2 pin + 6 pin PCI-E connectors, and the GTX 780 needs one 6-pin and one 8-pin external power connectors. Is my PSU ready for the GTX 780 then?

I hope someone can help me! Many thanks!
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    To be 100% honest if you want to play at the highest settings for games at 1080P, even with a 780 you won't get 120 FPS. Now, if you turn down the settings a bit, you can hit that number, but don't expect (even with a GTX 780) to hit 120 FPS constant on Ultra settings for most new games. If you are willing to lower the settings, hitting 120 FPS is definitely possible with a 780 or a 770, but if you can afford a 780 it's definitely worth it to get one over a 770.

    And no, your CPU will not bottleneck a 780.
  2. What apcs13 said. Running Ultra with everything maxed out, is still incredibly hard to get 120+ FPS. You're looking more or less at anywhere from 60-80 FPS with a single card. I run two 780s in SLI and with AA cranked up at 1080p, and even moreso at 1440p, it's hard to reach that 120 FPS average mark. Well at least in BF4 it was. But I don't tend to monitor my FPS much anymore.

    And technically, your PSU will support the GPU. Having the correct connectors is usually a good sign.
  3. Thanks you both for your advise! As my budget for a GPU can't go beyond a GTX 780, I will have to live with a little less than ultra graphics he he, in any case, I spend a lot of time playing iRacing, which is not that demanding graphically wise.
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