How much should i sell my laptop for?

I want to sell my Toshiba satellite p750-13N. It was top of the range the 2 and a half years I bought it ago. Capable of playing games like Dota 2 on max or even Hitman Absolution on high settings. heres a link for all its extra features also. . So my question is how much should i sell it for and what website should i sell it on.(I live in Ireland)
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  1. The laptop market is pretty brutal in terms of resale value, they're constantly upgrading models and coming out with more and more high end specs on them for cheaper prices. It really ultimately depends on what type of market your laptop caters to. Based on the specs it's not that bad for gaming it can probably handle most newer games at medium settings. As far as what site to sell it on perhaps throw it on ebay to get the most exposure and let set a threshold of lets say $100 for a starting bid. I'd imagine you could probably get around $500-550 for the laptop although it can certainly go higher if a 'bid war' happens.

    here is a somewhat similar model to yours although you had a better graphics card whereas that one is using intel HD.
  2. $400-500 sounds about right.. laptop lose about half value in 3 years.. as other poster said new tech/model for them just keeps popping up.. your in is what's holding on some value.. your gpu is okay.. not a good if you in a gaming mindset.. just my opinion.. but yeah 4 to 5 hundred is about right..
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