Sharing WiFi inernet through LAN but with same IP

The setup is as follows:

PC1 connected with WiFi and then share the internet connection through LAN to another 3 PCs through a switch.

Thing is, the WiFi has an IP of and the other PCs have an IP of 192.168.137.xx

Is there a way to make the other PCs have the same IP address range so I can connect to them through the LAN?

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    With those IP's it is obvious you are using ICS to share the WIFI. Your PC is acting as a router and you have the same issue a any router has with NAT. You would have to port map stuff and I don't know if you can do something like that with ICS. Generally if you can get ICS to even work you should be happy.

    Likely the only way you are going to get it to work the way you want is to use a clinet-bridge device to connect between the switch and the wireless. Some routers/repeaters have this ability. If you do not control the main wireless router and setup the WDS options you may not be able to get them to work in the same network. Many of these devices can run in router mode also but that would give you the NAT issue back again...but they can port forward unlike ICS
  2. Thanks for your answer! I ll just get a repeater, much easier :P
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