Motherboards form factor and computer case size

Will a mid tower case accomodate all ATX size motherboards ? Can anyone explain which mobo size will fit each computer case size.

I have a Raidmax ATXZ1000BP casing (which I believe is a mid-tower casing--please confirm if you know) and I want to make sure it can take any regular size motherboard.

Thank You
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  1. Yes it will hold an ATX motherboard.

    Technical Specifications:
    Raidmax ATXZ1000BP

    Specification Value
    Form Factor: ATX Mid Tower
    Power Supply: 380
    Material: Steel
    Color: Black
    Trim Color: Black
    Side Panel Type: Vented
    External 5 25 Bay: 3
    Internal 3 5 Bay: 5
    External 3 5 Bay: None
  2. Thank you SR-71 Blackbird. That was certainly a quick reply. Could you please expand on my question (if it is not asking too much of course)

    "Can anyone explain which mobo size will fit each computer case size"
  3. Best answer
    Most Mid towers will fit ATX and Micro ATX .

    Motherboard Fitting Chart:

    Extended ATX ATX Micro-ATX
    Full Tower Cases Yes Yes Yes
    Mid Tower Cases Maybe Yes Yes
    Mini Tower No Maybe Yes
    Small Form Factor Cases No No Yes
    Desktop/HTPC Cases No Maybe Yes
  5. your case is an atx case and can handle any regular atx motherboards. you may run into issues with an extend atx motherboard as they are longer.

    there are around 4 different types of cases
    Micro ATX
    Mini ITX

    ATX and BTX are almost the same, BTX just mounts the motherboard upside down. size is 12"x9.6"
    Micro atx are smaller at 9.6"x9.6" and can fit in atx cases as they use the same screw layout.
    mini itx are even smaller at 6.75"x6.75" and use a special itx case.
  6. Thanks a lot faalin
  7. Also a nice link above that explains more.
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