monitor displaying red lines/specs, maybe issue with MoBo

Hi everyone, I am a bit of a novuice when it comes to diagnosing any issue with my computer and this forum is the best place I know. Recently my monitor has been displaying red lines/specs across the screen. Not from start up, only aftera while of it being on (about half an hour), its particularly bad when playing games but continues after the games have closed. I have researched a bit and what I found describes it as being a motherboard problem but before I look into another motherboard I wanted to make sure it was a MoBo problem. For the future, is there anything I did wrong or is it just bad luck components as I wouldn't want to buy a new Mobo only for it too happen again. My last question is a myth I have heard from a few people. I was looking into building a mini itx PC to replace my big desktop one but apparently they do not last as long, is this true or a myth? Thank you for your answers in advance.
My MoBo is an MSI 760gm p23 that was bought new about a year ago.
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  1. But I think the problem may from the GPU, if you have other GPU then test it, or borrow one from friend or go to friend home to test your GPU.
    Also make sure to check the GPU temp too using hwmonitor

    And what is your PC specification? Because w/o those we can only to guess anything.

    For other question you ask, if you want to the pc will last longer, and the true is that you need to get the right and good quality components, if don't matter what format the PC either mini itx or regular atx.
  2. Hi thanks for the answer. I have a GTX 760 that less than a year old so hopefully (if it is broken) i can get a replacement. I also have a 600W PSU (not sure if thats any use or not). I unfortunately do not have another card i can test with. I have updated and reinstalled my drivers to no avail. I have also realised that the dots only appear as the GPU is put under more strain such as playing games so would the fan or solder be broken as the temperature rises?
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    I also have a 600W PSU (not sure if thats any use or not).

    What is the brand? because not all the 600W are same, some of them can't provide the true 600W, here is the PSU tier list.

    And you can try use the MSI afterburner to underclock the GPU to see when you play the game that problem does show up or not. Also try low the game setting too.
    1) After you underclock the GPU, there is not more problem, that means your PSU may the problem, because it can't have enough power to power the GTX760, even gtx760 is not the power hungry GPU but you need the PSU has 500w with 30A on the 12V rail.
    2) If you still get the problem even you do the underclock the GPU. And the problem will may from the GPU, so you can test it on other PC, if you can't do that may think about the return or e-mail the company to see what they say.
  4. Hi thanks for the answer, my PSU is a 600W Corsair (bronze i think). My warranty was about to run out so I quickly entered into an RMA and explained my situation and they are replacing it. thanks for the answers, YMY.
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