Local Area connection doesn't have s valid Ip configuration

Hey, i have read through several of these threads before but nothing is really working. I was on my computer earlier today and all of a sudden the internet cut out. I'm using a power-line adapter and have had no problems up to this point (2 months of use). i diagnosed it and it said Local Area connection doesn't have s valid Ip configuration so i reset my router and my computer but it didn't work. the power line adapters are paired and i can connect to the internet wireless on the same pc so i don't think its the router. any ideas advice? Please help me!

Thanks, Daniel.
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  1. can you go on command prompt and run ipconfig an paste the settings ? also make sure you connection is using dhcp
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    Hi MadBadGamer
    Thanks for posting,

    Based on other issues i've seen with Windows 7 I would suggest going to your device manager and try a rollback of your driver.

    If the problem didn't occur previously, I would try to do a system restore to a point where it was still working...

    Hopefully this sorts your problem out!

    Sheena Bajaj
  3. Ok thanks guys i restored my pc and it worked again many thanks :D
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