Laptop GPU's R9 M290X Vs. NVIDIA GTX 860M

So I'm looking for a gaming laptop, and my budget is around 1,200$ max, and alot of the laptops that I've been looking at have one of these two cards in it.

The thing is, if a laptop has the M290X in it, it's paired with an A10 CPU. And if it has a 860M in it, it's paired with an i7-4710MQ. If I had a choice, I would easily pick the i7 hands down, but when I was looking at the 3D mark comparisons, the laptops with the A10 and the M290X in them had around 24,000 as their score, while the ones with the 860M and the i7-4710MQ in them had a 3D score of only 19,500. I'm planning on using the laptop for heavy gaming, but it would be plugged in 99% of the time, so battery isn't really a concern. I was going to go with the 860M one hands down because of the i7, but when I saw the 3D score differences, I thought I should ask a community of people who know something about it. I'm planning on playing games such as BF4, CoD Ghosts, GW2 and TitanFall (Especially TitanFall) I was wondering which would give me the best performance and why.

The laptops I was looking at can be found here:

M290X one-
860M one-

The 860M also has 4GB of Vram while the 290x only has 2GB, I don't know if that matters at all ( I don't plan on having it plugged into a monitor very often)
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  1. the i7 and 860m is the best bet. The a10 is significantly less powerful, the 290x is more powerful than the 860m but not by the hugest of margins, but the 860m is a lot! cooler, and uses by far a significant fraction of the power that the 290x does
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    As you have stated the i7 is hands down the better CPU, however the M290x is the superior GPU when compared to the GTX 860M.

    However upon searching online, i have found that the a10 does in fact bottle neck the M290X. Often games are more graphics bound than CPU however in this case even though the gpu is fast, you are only as strong as your weakest link and the a10 is not a very good processor in terms of raw perfomance, thus causing a bottleneck. The reason the #D mark score is higher for the AMD based system is because 3D mark is more of a graphics benchmark, and since the M290X is the stronger of the 2 the score would thus be higher.

    My suggestion; the GTX 860M is pretty adequate for playing games at 1080p and it wont be bottlenecked by a sub-par processor, so generally speaking the GTX 860m is a better choice and will play all of your games @ 1080p with high to med settings.

    Hope this helps!
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