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EDIT: Never mind, I'll go for the B&W-speakers, they seem to come well recommended.

I have a Denon PMA-520AE amplifier, and I'm having trouble selecting speakers.

They will primarily be used for watching series, movies and playing games (Games aren't a huge priority).

The choices I have selected are:
Klipsch Reference RB-51 II
Dali Zensor 1 or 3
B&W 686 S2
Jamo C603

I'm mainly set on small speakers, because the room I need to fill is very small (no more than 6-10 square metres), and I'm uncertain if my speaker can deliver enough power to floor-standing speakers. (Inputs about that is very welcome). If I go for small speakers, I'll be using speaker stands.

Similar speaker suggestions are also welcome, however my options are very limited because of location (I live in Norway, nearest large city is Trondheim), and my amplifier is not all that strong. My budget isn't too great, but anything within the range of the prices of those speakers should work out fine.

I need something that renders speech very well, because I'm slightly hard of hearing, and have trouble hearing normal conversation in series and movies with average speakers (in particular those built into TVs). For comparison, I use Sennheiser headphones on pretty much everything, and I love their sound. To me it sounds crisp and clear, and I have no problems hearing speech. I've noticed that very base-heavy speakers tend to drown out speech, though that could just be a result of bad speakers and/or source.

There's also no need to think about having to make sure it will work with a future surround-setup, if and when I eventually get to that, I'll need to replace the amp, and I'll probably be replacing the speakers as well in that case. Simply put, focus on the here and now. I don't have room for a surround setup in the foreseeable future anyway.

Sidenote: I use a DACmagic between my devices and the amp, to maintain source quality.
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  1. yes cant go wrong with b&w, just dont expect a lot of bass, although you could always add a sub later for good bass.
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