Does deleting all partitions and formatting on windows 7mean you lose everything on the harddrive?

I have a laptop which i reinstalled windows 7 on. I later found out that I needed to delete all the partitions and format before reinstalling. If delete and reformat, will I lose everything on the hard drive.
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    Yes removing the partitions removes the info on the partitions. Reformatting removes all info on the partitions. this means if you remove all partitions then format the drive you will have an empty drive.
  2. yes you will. if you dont use a hirem boot cd or try bot into safe mode and use a usb stick and move your data off the drive.
    yu can also by a hard drive to usb cable kit that 20.00 and plug the laptop drive into a desktop and copy your files over.
  3. You don't have to delete all partitions to do a clean installation, only the C drive has to be formatted, therefore you can move your personal files to another partition before formatting drive/partition C... I would need to know your reasons to delete all partitions to give different advice.
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