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Hello, I recently installed a Asus Z97-A motherboard with an Intel 4770K processor and replaced my RAM as well. Hardware and software installation went very smooth. However, since this installation while playing games I now get a crackling and popping noise from my speakers. I have no performance issues in regard to frame rate or CPU efficiency. I am running the audio out of an Nvidia 770 card. I have updated my motherboards BIOS, reinstalled the motherboard and processor, and even did a clean install of my OS including a format on the hard drive. I am not overclocking anything nor intend to. The motherboard audio is a Realtek device with drivers provided by Asus's support web site but do not use the device at all. I have tried everything I can think of and have a replacement board on the way but am worried that the issue will still be there when I install the replacement board. I have heard I could try to change the PCI latency settings in the BIOS but am unsure as to how to do so or if it's even an option within my BIOS settings. If anyone can please add their input as to how to do so I would greatly appreciate it. Just as well, any ideas as to why this is occurring is also appreciated. Thank you kindly.
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  1. Did you try uninstalling the Realtek Driver.
    Since you aren't using it.

    Reboot computer after you uninstall and see if it disappears.
  2. Pretty sure I tried this before but to be safe I tried it again. Restarted, fired up a few games, and the pops and crackling are still happening.
  3. Have now tried a Realtek audio driver(R275) straight from Realtek's web site. Same issue. On a side note since it was not previously mentioned the OS I am using is Windows 8.1
  4. What happens if you let windows install a driver , uninstall reboot and let windows find one.
  5. Installed and tried out that driver, same thing =(. Have also tried unhooking the HD Audio connector for my PC case to the motherboard to see if it had any effect. I also removed every USB device from the back that was plugged into the USB 3.0 ports and even removed every single USB device once a game was loaded to see if it helped which it didn't. Can a CPU cause this type of issue?
  6. I am noticing when browsing new power supplies they are advertised as being 4th generation Intel ready (Haswell) which is what I just installed. My power supply is an older Corsair HX850W(Silver) which was bought in the midst of the first generation of the i7 series. Is this a possible reason for the clicking/popping?
  7. I doubt it , that's a very high quality supply.
  8. Try changing the bit rate of the Nvidia card's output to somehting lower. Might be a sync issue between the card and whatever receiver you are using to decode the audio. If that does not help, the card itslef could be faulty. I have heard some audio solutions pop and crackle when they are overheating...
  9. I had the issue with my Hero IV but the new Driver update fixed it.
  10. If he's not using the onboard audio, the driver should not be affecting the output in any way..
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    Must be Hardware related.
  12. Replacement hardware just came in, not even going to bother installing it. Going to try an Asrock board. Installing my Geforce 480 produced the same exact results on the Z97-A..... while both cards perform fine on my previous Intel board. This was done in Windows 7 versus 8 and with bare minimum drivers.
  13. I believe I have found the issue being with the Network Adapter's power management. If I turn all these features off within the Device Manager the problem is gone. Wish I didn't have to do this though...

    And..... its back, nevermind. How do you change video card bit rates?
  14. Asrock works awesome.
  15. I actually just developed the same problem you have here with my system (I have the same mobo and the evga GTX 770). I reformatted my computer and did not install any realtek audio drivers and the problem persisted, only now my GTX 770 is making crackling sounds. I removed it, sent in for a replacement, same thing happened with the replacement so I removed it. I'm using the on board GPU and installed realtek again....crackling returns so I remove it. What did you end up doing if I might ask? I have a wireless card and I swear, aside from changing MOBO's that's the only thing I haven't done. I've had this video card and set up forever, I have no clue why this happened but I'm totally broke now and would just like to return to my awesome set up without buying anything...ugh. Thanks, and please still be active lol.
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