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Il try and keep this short:-
Need a new laptop, got $800
Will be primarily gaming - im fine with running on lowest graphics and other relevant factors but what I do want is decent fps (30<) when it comes to raiding and busy pvp (I dont know how feasible that is for this price range).
Kinda does have to be a laptop becaude Im going to Uni soon, a good bit of memory would be nice but not a necessity, im not too fussed about weight or battery life though.
Any comments are great!!
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  1. Forgot to say, im in the UK if that makes a difference, and it will almost exclusively be MMO stuff
  2. Dollars, ive gotten into the habit of doing that - £500 which is roughly $800 -
  3. If your budget is 800 in pounds: here are a coupe i've found (only used amazon since i dont live in the UK so idk where you would get your laptops):

    Basically what you want to aim for is an i5 or i7 ,processor (preferable Haswell 4th gen 4xxx series; non ulv (ultra low voltage) and at least an nvidia GT 740m or higher.

    EDIT: welp guess i gotta re-search up laptops :P since the budget is 500 pounds
  4. Sorry!! :-( - errm weve got places like PC World but im guessing thats expensive, dont know about any of the small places - im also open to 2nd hand laptops if that will give me a better spec
  5. This one's good:

    Has an i5, and good graphics (gt740m)
    My only gripe is it has only 4gb of ram, but as long as you arent multitasking too hard most games should be fine, else you can upgrade it yourself (luckily its one on the only things you can upgrade in a laptop).

    Hope this helps!
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    Leights Reid's laptop is a little under powered for gaming; its processor is a ULV design (ultra low voltage; meant for powersaving) and the graphics are no better the intel 4th gen Integrated graphics (not hating, just stating a fact.) The only real benefit is the 8gb of ram which is honestly not that important.

    Construkt's suggestion is a very good one, if you can find that specific model at that price on your end (in the UK).

    Else my suggestion is the best i can really find for you, with limited knowledge of where to buy laptops on the UK.

    the i5 4200m is a full powered processor, and more than enough for gaming,and the GT 740M is sufficient for moderate gaming.

    Get the Lenovo Y410p if you can find it at that price range on your end else; aim for something with similar specs as mine (albeit a bit more ram).

    Hope this helps!
  7. Ok yea il prob go for that lenovo - thanks for all tge help!! Sorry for the confusions - btw not WoW xD (but not far off...)
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