Switching SSD from IDE to AHCI mode? How do I do it?

I already have all my crap installed on my SSD (it is my only storage device now). I heard it was easier to do before you fill it up with all ur games and stuff. it's too late for that

Can I do it through the mobo BIOS? my motherboard is M5A97 LE R2.0. I have windows 8.1, not sure if that info is needed.

Is it complicated?
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    Switching from IDE to ACHI really should be done in the BIOS before installing the OS. Doing so after the fact creates some problems. That's not to say it can't be done. You might find this - - an interesting read that may help solve your problem. There are a couple of suggestions as to what to try and what to do. If you choose to edit the registry you need to do so with caution and make sure you make a backup copy of the registry and store it on a flash drive or other external device.
  2. F*ck it. Thanks for the info either ways lol
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